Meet Rosa Fatica-Showers
Rosa Fatica-Showers (middle) with her mother Angela Fatica (left) and uncle Tony Engro

Looking for some hope? Let us present Rosa Fatica-Showers, a young professional in Erie with the leadership and dedication needed to meet her passions. Rosa first volunteered at Emmaus Soup Kitchen while she was in high school at Villa almost ten years ago.

After graduating from Gannon University, Rosa moved to Cleveland for a while to teach. She returned to Erie a year and a half ago and right away started volunteering at Emmaus. At first, she came alone, subbing for groups whenever needed. But when the pandemic hit Erie and the soup kitchen needed to make changes, Rosa was quick to organize her family members into forming a regular group.

While their family didn’t have a regular day to serve at the soup kitchen until the pandemic, Rosa’s mother, Angela Fatica, had been hoping to volunteer for quite some time. “I enjoy taking time to serve our community,” she said. “I feel it’s opened my eyes and heart to our homeless community and how important it is to volunteer.”

“They enjoy volunteering now,” said Rosa, “but I know my family will really appreciate the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with the guests as they come through the line. It’s such a different experience.”

Continuing to volunteer at Emmaus isn’t the only way Rosa is creating a better future in Erie; Rosa also works with Lake Erie Arboritum at Frontier Park (LEAF) where she helps to bring together neighbors and friends to support local artists and small businesses at community Farmers Markets. She’s also dedicated to creating a better environment for Erie – Rosa works on the ReLeaf program, which “educates, inspires and empowers residents of Northwest PA to positively impact the threat of climate change by planting 275,000 trees,” or one tree for each citizen in Erie County. Working alongside children of the Neighborhood Art House, Rosa planted 25 seedlings behind the soup kitchen, all while creating a learning environment for the children to study leaves, composition, color, tree rings, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about the ReLeaf program, check it out here:

Rosa Fatica-Showers (middle) with her mother Angela Fatica (left) and uncle Tony Engro