EMMAUS MINISTRIES: A Commitment to the Forgotten and the Marginal
— to the faceless of society who get left out and left behind without support at times of crisis

— to the single mother whose life is a constant struggle to provide simple necessities for her children

— to the child lost in poverty whose present is barely human and whose future is already lost

— to the elderly whose basic needs are too great for a check that is too small

— to the working poor who work in the lowest of low paying jobs and never get ahead

— to the unemployed whose good jobs went the way of fleeing U.S. industries and government cutbacks

— the inherent dignity of each person

— personal involvement with each client that gives self-esteem and a sense of responsibility

— clean, artistic surroundings that raise personal expectations and sense of self worth

— personal development programs that enable people to break the cycle of poverty

— the interdependence of the city

— that the root causes of poverty are the same, whether in the Third World or inner city Erie

— that none of us is fully human until all of us have the opportunity to live a decent human life

— that the religious obligation to feed, clothe, and care for those who, for whatever reason, cannot care adequately for themselves, is essential to the spiritual and moral integrity of the rest of us

— provide 200 hot meals a day (50,000 per year) at Emmaus Soup Kitchen to anyone who comes, from infants to senior citizens

— provide 700 emergency food bags each week for the unemployed and underemployed through the services of the Food Pantry

— provide 60 homemade meals a day (11,000 per year) at the Kids Café for inner-city children ages 6-17

— provide advocacy and liaison services primarily for women who qualify for benefits and services but who are deprived because of lack of information or skills

— provide parishes, community groups, and individuals an opportunity to volunteer their services for the poor

— a Christian presence and outreach in Erie's inner city since 1974

— a full-time staff of four Benedictine Sisters, two Benedictine Oblates and two lay staff

— volunteers and benefactors from every denomination in the Erie area

— a volunteer Board of Directors