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Dominick's Diner

I went to Dominick’s Diner the other day to buy a few gift cards to donate to the soup kitchen and got into a conversation with Tony Ferraro, the owner. Tony, of course, threw in two extra “on the house” so that I could come back for a meal or add them to the donation. I said I’d give them to our guests.

As we kept talking, I thanked him for taking such good care of our guests. He pointed over to his friend in the corner of the restaurant, telling me, “You see my friend over there? We did everything together when we were kids. Some Fridays, after school, my mom would say to us, ‘Guys, get cleaned up. We’re going out for supper.’”

“That meant we were going to the soup kitchen for a fish dinner,” he said.

Tony continued, “For me, it has all come full circle. I am glad I can give back.”

This is how a city becomes a community.

—Beth Sammartino, volunteer and Erie Benedictine oblate

Photo: From Facebook