Sister Mary Interviewed by the Mayor's Office for Women's History Month
Sister Mary

"Erie is an amazing community to live in. I get to meet the most beautiful people in the city, from benefactors to volunteers to our guests," Sister Mary Miller, director of Emmaus, shared in an interview for the city of Erie during Women’s History Month.

Part of an effort to share the wisdom of women making a difference both locally and around the nation, the mayor’s office posted interviews and stories of women throughout the month of March. Sister Mary was one of many women highlighted.

"Women’s voices, women’s insights, women’s gifts, need to be in the center of things," Sister Mary said in her interview. And she added, "For the world to be whole, we need to have both men and women in leadership."

Sister Pat Lupo, OSB, who works at the Neighborhood Art House and coordinates an annual flower planting project in front of the soup kitchen and food pantry, was also interviewed for the project. "Women at all levels are doing phenomenal work—whether they’re working with their kids at home, whether they’re working in businesses or churches in the community or working in our schools—and I think it’s a great idea to highlight that. I’m happy to see even on the national news that we’re doing much more to highlight the work of women—not only in this one month of the year, but throughout the year."

To read Sister Mary’s full interview, and to listen to Sister Pat’s, as well as numerous others, scroll through the city’s Facebook page or Instagram feed.