Tim Holland Delivers Christmas Trees for Guests

The side of the Emmaus Food Pantry became a Christmas tree lot for a day, giving guests the opportunity to bring a tree home for the holiday. The trees were a gift of Tim Holland, a long-time volunteer and friend of Emmaus, who has been donating Christmas trees from his own farm for the past ten years.

“It’s just a way to brighten up somebody’s Christmas season,” Tim said. “It’s a nice thing to do when we have so much.”

He brought a dozen trees, most of them Frasier firs and a few of them Douglas firs, all of them about 4 feet tall. In earlier years, Tim has brought taller trees, but this year decided that a shorter height was better. Bringing smaller trees means that he is able to fit more of them onto his trailer, and they are also easier for guests to carry back to their homes.

It only took minutes for guests to begin to inspect the trees, and before long, one of the Douglas firs had been claimed by an elderly couple. “We wouldn’t have had a tree if not for this,” the gentleman said, as he found a way to fit to fit it into the back of their car.

The guests may come to Emmaus simply to get the pantry staples they need, but volunteers like Tim ensure that they also get access to the little “extras” that make the season beautiful and cozy.