July Silent Peace Walk

July 17 at 7:00 pm

Silent Peace Walks promote inner peace which does away with fear, divisions and hatred and brings about peace and unity in the world. It begins with a peace poem, a walk in silence, single file for 20 minutes and ends with a peace poem and chant.

For July’s Silent Peace Walk, we will gather at the Perry Monument in Presque Isle State Park. As we walk in the natural beauty of this park, we are reminded of the suffering of war and our longing for peace. We walk together to promote inner peace to support and deepen our action for justice and peace.

Date: Tuesday, July 17
Time: 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Location: Perry Monument
(Presque Isle State Park)

Sponsored by Benedictines for Peace. Visit the web page for more information and to sign up to receive reminders and alerts from BFP for Silent Peace Walks, Take Back the Site Vigils, Immigration Vigils and other events.

Cost: Free, all are welcome

Mark your calendars now:
August’s Silent Peace Walk will be on Thursday, August 30th, 2018 between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm, preceded by a cookout at 6 pm. We will celebrate the first anniversary of our monthly Silent Peace Walks around the Benedictine Block, starting from 345 East 9th St.

Click here to download flyer.