Forms of Association

The Benedictine life is about seeking God in community; about living life well with others according to the teachings of the Rule of Benedict. Living in a monastery is one way to do that. But there are other ways in which this 1,500-year-old wisdom tradition can shape the lives of many seekers without the requirement of permanent membership in a monastery.

The Erie Benedictines have long worked to share Benedictine spirituality, to make it accessible to women and men in any walk of life. Those associated with the community share in the core of monastic life: prayer, community and ministry. They are invited to support the community’s commitment to reaching out to the marginalized and working for justice and nonviolence, living sustainably and ongoing formation.

Length of commitment may differ, living situations vary, intensity of involvement may fluctuate but the core remains the same: whether one chooses to be a permanent member, an oblate of the Erie Benedictines, a participant in the Benedicta Riepp Program or an online Monasteries of the Heart member, the desire to seek God in community is what draws people to Benedictine spirituality. The particular vision of this monastic community, its many inner-city ministries, vibrant liturgies, hospitality and outreach on behalf of justice and peace is what brings people to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie.

Permanent Vowed Membership

The face of permanent members of monastic communities has changed over the centuries. In our time many people seeking permanent membership are professional women who long for a life that follows the Gospel of Jesus.

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Oblate Way of Life

Oblates are men and women, single or married, who enter into a distinct relationship with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie by participating in community events, formation and ministries as they are able.

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Benedicta Riepp Monastic Experience

Throughout history travelers and pilgrims have gone to monasteries to refresh and revitalize. Some stayed but most moved on, returning to lives “in the world,” renewed by Benedictine spirituality…

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Monasteries of the Heart

Monasteries of the Heart members have the opportunity to live Benedictine spirituality and values with online communities or in face-to-face groups of family, friends and neighbors or companion churchgoers.

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Benedictines for Peace

Benedictines for Peace (BFP) carries the ancient quest for peace into contemporary times. As the peace and justice outreach of the Erie Benedictine community, BFP members advocate for nonviolence, social change and justice by direct action, prayer and bearing witness.

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