Guest Accommodations

Monastery Grounds

One of the greatest gifts monastics can offer is their monastery as a place of prayer and peace, community and care, welcome and hospitality. In doing so monastics take to heart what Benedict advocates: the monastery is a dwelling where guests are to be cherished and respected, where hearts overflow “with the inexpressible delight of love” —RB Prologue.

The hospitality of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie invites the guest into the rhythm of life in the monastery. The daily horarium provides an experience of community in which all can come to know God through the monastic way of praying, eating, conversing, and working. The beautiful grounds offer a place to encounter God in creation. The gentle quiet allows the possibility to hear God with the “ear of the heart.”

By following Benedict’s Rule to welcome the guest as Christ we open our hearts and receive you with reverence and respect. We offer you place and space to seek God. May it be an opportunity that leaves you with a clearer understanding of the Benedictine way of life as well as the Benedictine charism of hospitality. May it be an opportunity for our community to grow because of your presence among us. You are guest, you are Christ, you are gift. We welcome you.

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie

Distance to Mount St. Benedict from:
A) Erie Int'l Airport 13 miles
B) Cleveland Hopkins Int'l Airport 122 miles
C) Pittsburgh Int'l Airport 147 miles
D) Buffalo Niagara Int'l Airport 90 miles