How to add an Oblate Profile

1. Create a login. The last menu item in the left-side home page menu is “Oblate Login.” This is where you will set your username and where you will login each time you want to see the entire oblate directory. (Oblates can choose to have their directory listing be visible to all site visitors or only to logged in oblates and sisters.) Click here to go directly to the create login page now.

2. On the login page click “Create new account” and follow the instructions. Once you are confirmed as an oblate your account will be activated (this could take a day or two). You will receive an email with link to log in and create a password.

PLEASE write down your login and password information, you will need it if you want to update your account or if you want to log in and view all the oblate profiles.

3. Once you save your changes you will see your username at the top of the page and the “Edit” tab will be active. This is where you make changes to your overall account or to your oblate profile. There are two buttons, “Account” and “Oblate Profile” right under the Edit tab where you do this.

Select the “Oblate Profile” button to enter your profile information.

First, decide if your profile will be viewable by any site visitor or only by other oblates and sisters when they are logged in.

Your first and last name as well as the city and state where you live (please add country if outside the U.S.) are required.

You can add your profile picture—it will display as a thumbnail, hopefully a nice headshot of you. You can also add a second, larger picture that will tell us more about you along with a caption.

There are three questions, each limited to 500 characters. Please consider answering each one.

Add your email if you’d like others to be able to contact you through our system. Your email will not be displayed.