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Receive the gift of this new day: pause and watch; listen and reflect.

Receive the gift of this new day; with love and courage let us pray.
O God, be present in our souls; let charity now make us whole.

News and Events

November 4, 2016

Benedictines for Peace (BFP) sponsor a vigil, Justice for Immigrants, the first Friday of each month, and will do so until the Immigration law is passed. The November Vigil will be held today, Friday, November 4, at the Federal Building on the corner of 6th and State Streets. The vigil will begin promptly at the new time of 5:15 PM and end at 5:45 PM.

These vigils are asking that Congress pass the immigration bill passed by the Senate. Three points that Benedictines for Peace believe to be essential...

How did Deepawali find St. Benedict Child Development Center?
November 1, 2016

Deepawali is a Hindu celebration of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. This festival of light and flowers is India’s biggest and most important holiday of the year and it was recently celebrated at St. Benedict Child Development Center.

“It all began with a parent teacher conference,” explained Sister Diane Rabe, the Center’s director. “Mrs. Nancy O’Leary in room 201 has a large population of Nepali-Bhutanese families in her classroom. During conferences she began to ask the families about celebrations that were a part of their...

Feast of All Saints
November 1, 2016

From A Monastery Almanac by Sister Joan Chittister:

This feast was introduced to show us the kind of people we ought to be imitating if we ourselves wanted to live life well.

Death did not silence them.

Who are your saints now? Who are the people you look back on with respect and awe?

Live in a way that the memory of you lives on in the people left behind.

Earthquake Devastates Norcia, the birthplace of Benedict
October 31, 2016

On Sunday, October 30, 2016, a major earthquake (6.6) in the area of Norcia, Italy destroyed the Basilica San Benedetto. The Basilica, constructed between 1290 and 1338, honored the birthplace of St. Benedict and his sister, St. Scholastica and was on the site where it is believed they were born. Fortunately, none of the monks of the monastery were injured. No deaths in Norcia were reported, although about 20 were injured. This is the most recent of serious earthquakes that have hit central Italy in the last several months.

Let us be mindful of all the people of the region who are...

Trick or Treat at St. Benedict Child Development Center
October 31, 2016

Halloween has a special significance for children, who dress in funny or ghostly costumes and knock on neighborhood doors shouting "Trick or Treat!" Pirates and princesses, ghosts and witches are filled with excitement as they anticipate the goodies that are coming their way. Today at St. Benedict Child Development Center Halloween was celebrated and enjoyed by all the little munchkins.

Check out the scrap book and you’ll get a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. Click on the arrows to turn the pages and treat yourself to the beauty and innocence of little...

You Can Be Anything You Imagine
October 31, 2016

In spite of commercialization Halloween does have a positive spirit that continues to recommend it. Fond memories of trick or treating keep Halloween alive for many of us. In fact, they are often the reason why we work to keep the tradition going. A decorated cookie or cupcake, a bag of treats, or a jack-o’-lantern can work their magic in seconds. Children and adults in costume ─ even better! Hearts expand, smiles widen, eyes light up. While it is true that Halloween is not a “holy” day there is something sacred about it. It is a day of fun and creativity, laughter and love. If it is...

2016 Oblate Commitment Ceremony
October 30, 2016

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie welcomed new initiates into the Oblate Way of Life during Vigil Prayer on Saturday evening, October 29, in the chapel at Mount St. Benedict Monastery. The initiates expressed the desire to deepen their faith by studying the Rule of Benedict and living the Gospel values of peace and justice more intensely.

Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, presented each with a copy of the Rule: “Receive this Rule of Benedict. May it be light for your nights and hope for your days,” she said. “And may light and hope continue to enliven your hearts with passion for the...

SBEC participants benefit from a special kindness
October 28, 2016

Before she died in 2015, Sister Mary Therese Eichenlaub made a weekly trip to the UPMC Hamot Surgery Center to collect “disposable” socks that she laundered, bagged and distributed to guests and clients at both Emmaus Ministries and St. Benedict Education Center. After her death, Sister Colette Korn took over this outreach and has faithfully collected, washed and bagged the socks weekly. Every other week she makes a delivery to St. Benedict Education Center (...

This is where Christ eats
October 28, 2016

Walking into Emmaus Soup Kitchen can be a life-changing experience – for the volunteers, that is, says Greg Baker.

Greg is director of campus ministry at Mercyhurst University, whose students and staffers have been volunteering at Emmaus for 25 years.

“So often we see that what students understand as service changes during the years,” says Greg, 39, who views service work and ministry as “wrapped together.” He met his wife, Jennifer, at Gannon University. After they graduated and married, they joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Kansas. He worked at an alternative high...

The secret is out of the bag
October 25, 2016
Father Jim Piszker at Mount St. Benedict Monastery

“Well, the secret is out of the bag,” said one guest after attending the Enrichment Series which featured Father Jim Piszker and his presentation: Catholic Social Teaching: One of our Best Kept Secrets. “Thanks to Father Jim I have a much better understanding of what that secret is—a wealth of amazing social justice and peace documents from Popes, Vatican II and synods and conferences of bishops over a period of 100 years that spell out the basic tenets of Catholic Social Teaching.”

After outlining the documental basis for Catholic Social Teaching Father Piszker then...

FREE Pickleball DEMO DAY: Sign Up NOW--Space is Limited
October 25, 2016

If you are interested in learning to play Pickleball then this demo-day is meant for you. You can watch it or play it on Saturday, November 5, at St. Benedict Community Center but register soon because space is limited.

Learn to play Pickleball (we provide the equipment) from 9:00-10:00 a.m. or 10:15-11:15 a.m. Call now for FREE registration and reserve your spot. If you simply want to watch then come between 9:30-10:30 a.m.

If you like it and want to keep playing, two courts at St. Benedict Community Center are available...