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Winter Snow on the Monastery Grounds: A Meditation

There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance. ─William Sharp

See the beauty, hear the silence and enjoy the peace of Winter Snow on the Monastery Grounds.

News and Events

Farewell to Sister Xaveria
January 10, 2019

The community bid farewell to Sister Xaveria Jeong who headed back for her second semester at the University of Dayton in Ohio. Sister Xaveria spent her break between semesters with the Erie Benedictines, enjoying Christmas and the holidays with the community. “We hope Sister Xaveria will return to visit us again before she completes her studies and returns home to South Korea,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “It was a joy to have her here with us for this past month.”

Sister Xaveria is a member of the Benedictine Sisters of Daegu. The Erie Benedictines have offered...

Frigid Frolic benefits Emmaus
January 8, 2019

During the 7th annual Frigid Frolic on New Year’s Day, almost 100 people bicycled 10 miles around the Presque Isle Peninsula. Yes, it was a physical challenge but they also made it a good deed – cyclists collected blankets, hats, scarves, gloves, and other warm items for cold weather for the guests of Emmaus Ministries and Community Shelter Services.

Eric Webber, the organizer of the event, said: “It’s something to do on New Year’s Day other than sitting at home. It’s a good way to start the year.”

The Frigid Frolic ride is free and open to everyone. Most ride bicycles but...

The Infirmary begins the New Year with an Open House
January 7, 2019

The Infirmary celebrated the New Year with an open house. The event allowed the community to visit with the infirmary sisters and staff while enjoying light appetizers, beverages and a few sweets prepared by Mary Rita Grocutt, RN, Mary Beth Peterseim, RN, Patty Johnson, RN, Jill Belmonte and Marcia Sigler. “This was a wonderful way to enjoy some extra time with our infirmary residents while relaxing in a festive environment,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “In addition, the food offerings were unique and delicious and enjoyed by all. It was a great party.”

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Canisius Students have arrived--let the experience begin!
January 6, 2019

What better day than Epiphany to extend welcome to a group of students from Canisius College who traveled from Buffalo to spend their Winter Break at the Mount. The “star” that led them was the desire to engage in this special ministry and service endeavor.

The group of students and their adult leader posed with Sister Marilyn Schauble, Vocation Director and organizer of the week after Sunday liturgy and before they embarked on a tour of the monastery with Sister Jean Wolbert, Hospitality Director. “This has become one of our favorite weeks of the year. We are pleased and excited...

Welcome to the Mount!
January 5, 2019

Several members of the community were on hand to welcome two new seekers: Jennifer Koo from Singapore and Jen Frazer from the Boston area.

Both women have been discerning a vocation to the monastic way of life with Sister Marilyn Schauble, Vocation Director, and will soon become postulants, the first stage of initial monastic formation.

We rejoice!

The New Year Begins
December 31, 2018

There is a sense of newness in the monastery as we begin another year. Whatever was is no more. Life is like that. It is a recurring cycle, ever changing, always new. It is simply a matter of learning to let go of the past so that we can all begin again.

—From A Monastery Almanac by Joan Chittister, OSB

This New Year provides us with the opportunity start anew. Let us do so with mindfulness and attention, with generosity and care, so that we may know peace within and be a presence of kindness and peace in any and all situations.

May you know a blessed...

Celebrate the Light
December 25, 2018

The Light has broken through the darkness . . . Let us celebrate Christmas with peace and joy!

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It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas
December 23, 2018

Having engaged in a long-standing community tradition of tree trimming and tree blessing the monastery is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Once the tree was decorated, Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, pointed out that, “This tree is a blessing to our home. It reminds us of all that is beautiful, all that is filled with the gentleness and the promise of God. It stands in our midst as a tree of light that we might promise such beauty to one another and to our world.”

As is our custom, the tree was lighted by the member longest in the community. Sister Irene Warchol, 74 years a...

Advent: Week IV
December 22, 2018

We wait in peace.
We wait in expectation.
We pray for the light of Christ to come into the world.




SBEC Staff Celebrate
December 21, 2018

After shopping and wrapping and handing out gifts, the SBEC (St. Benedict Education Center) staff ended the week with a celebration of their own! They enjoyed a lunch out together, laughing and relaxing and telling stories.

“My staff amaze me every single day,” said Nancy Sabol, Executive Director. “The care and kindness they show is a gift they give throughout the year, and I am grateful to every one of them.”

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First Ever SBEC Christmas Shopping Experience
December 19, 2018

“The smiles on staff and participants’ faces at St. Benedict Education Center’s (SBEC) first Christmas Shopping Experience was a wonderful sight to see,” said Kara Bauer, Program Supervisor and organizer of the shopping experience. SBEC provided over 250 gifts for the children of all SBEC participants. The halls were filled with holiday music as shoppers were welcomed by SBEC staff elves. All participants were able to choose an age appropriate toy for each one of their children. After shopping they proceeded to the next room to get their gifts wrapped and labeled by an elf. Small...