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Receive the gift of this new day: pause and watch; listen and reflect.

Receive the gift of this new day; with love and courage let us pray.
O God, be present in our souls; let charity now make us whole.

News and Events

Let us bow down and worship
April 21, 2019

Easter . . . . the earth is filled with Sacred Presence.

Excerpt from The Liturgical Year--the spiraling adventure of the spiritual life

. . . on Easter morning we find the tomb empty of death. We know the whole truth now; death is not the end, and life as we know it is only the beginning of Life. There is no suffering from which we cannot rise if we live a life centered in Jesus. It is the empty tomb on Easter Sunday morning that says to us, "You go and tell others. Now!" (Joan Chittister, OSB)

Everything on earth is filled with Sacred Presence. Let us bow...

39th Annual Good Friday Pilgrimage for Peace
April 19, 2019

Walk the Stations of the Cross with the Sorrowful Mother and Mother Earth was the theme of the 39th Annual Good Friday Pilgrimage for Peace sponsored by Benedictines for Peace (BFP). Its intention was to bring greater awareness to the suffering caused by climate crisis.

“The suffering already caused by climate crisis and the need for effective environmental action will be the focus of prayer and reflection at places where that suffering is evident in our community today,” said Sister Anne McCarthy,...

O God, Hear our Prayer
April 19, 2019

Tenebrae: a series of psalms and lamentations.

The candles of the Tenebrae candelabra are lit and then extinguished in order to denote the almost complete abandonment of Christ by the ones closest to him. Nevertheless, the unrecognized light of Christ is not destroyed, as the 15th candle gives evidence. In the midst of the deepening darkness, the light of this candle still shines.

Click here for a full explanation of Tenebrae.

Guess what we did?
April 17, 2019

Benedictines cultivate beauty whenever they can – even in the art of Easter egg decorating. “There was nothing haphazard about the annual event organized by Sister Helen Heher,” said Sister Marilyn Schauble, one of the egg decorators. “Every detail was attended to with care. It was so inviting that you couldn’t help but want to decorate eggs and create something beautiful.”

Eggs are symbolic of new life and for Christians decorated Easter eggs are a sign of Resurrection life and joy. “It was a fun evening,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “And just the beginning of more good...

LCWR Social Media Campaign – Standing Against Racism—April 17
April 17, 2019

In the 2018 Recommitment to the 2016 assembly resolution regarding systemic causes of injustice, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) made the following commitment: “We pledge to go deeper into the critical work of creating communion, examining the root causes of injustice and our own complicity, and purging ourselves, our communities, and our country of the sin of racism and its destructive effects. “– 2018 LCWR Assembly

Click here to read 2018 Recommitment in its entirety.


Holy Week Begins
April 14, 2019

Journeys Ended, Journeys begun--Lent draws to a close. Holy Week begins. The journey continues. Opportunities to accompany Jesus in the situations of our life and world surround us. Meaning is found in the willingness and courage to join the procession and uphold those in need. In embracing the brokenness in our world and in being a healing presence in our communities and our families, we can learn to live from the source of peace that we call God. The procession reveals; the journey teaches. Join the journey of Jesus in this week called Holy.

Journeys ended, journeys begun:...

ServErie at Emmaus Grove: The Erie Urban Farm School
April 12, 2019

It’s hard to believe but Emmaus Grove: The Erie Urban Farm School is already six years old. And after producing tons of food for guests at Emmaus, the garden beds began to show their age. “Replacing the beds was an ideal project for ServErie,” said staff member Breanna Mekuly. “On the first Saturday of April, volunteers pulled out over 20 old beds and built new ones, preparing the garden for the growing season.”

ServErie is a local organization that mobilizes thousands of volunteers to serve in Erie with the hopes of positively impacting the community. Their goal is to restore the...

Faculty Scholarship Display at Mercyhurst includes selections from Erie Benedictine Oblate/Professor
April 11, 2019

The work of Benedictine Oblate Mary Hembrow Snyder is featured in a Faculty Scholarship Display at Mercyhurst University (Old Main, first floor).

“In this current selection, our first display has selections from Dr. Mary Hembrow Snyder, professor of Religious Studies and the director of the Center for Mercy and Catholic Studies,” said Dr. Alice Edwards, professor of Spanish and member of the Faculty Scholarship Committee.

Included in the display is the book: Joan...

Emmaus Soup Kitchen to enjoy Romolo Easter Chocolates
April 10, 2019

Two hundred guests of Emmaus Soup Kitchen will enjoy fresh chocolate and Peeps this Easter season, courtesy of Romolo Chocolates in Erie.

Owner and master confectioner, Tony Stefanelli, has been making chocolates with his family since he was a child. “I’ve tried doing a lot of different things in my life but I’ve always loved making chocolate. It’s part of who I am.”

Also a part of who he is: generous. As head of Romolo Chocolates, Tony donated 200 chocolate bunnies and 400 boxes of Peeps to the guests of Emmaus. “We...

LCWR Social Media Campaign—Standing Against Racism—April 10
April 10, 2019

"Our hope for a better future lies in the rise of a deeper commitment to anti-racist work by increasing numbers of individuals and groups engaged in consciousness-raising discussions examining white privilege, systemic racism, and racist practices which will lead to concrete actions for justice in solidarity with people of color." – Margaret Alandt, IHM and Pat McClucskey, IHM

Click here to read LCWR Assembly Confronts Racism and Religious Life (Volume 25, No 3 / Fall 2016)


Blessing of the Land
April 5, 2019

The Joyce A. Savocchio Opportunity Zone was the site for a Multi-Faith Blessing of the Land on April 4th. East side Erie residents gathered in the Joyce A. Savocchio Business Park. Benedictine Sisters were among those who joined the crowd to celebrate the purchase of the property from bankruptcy court by Urban Erie Community Development Corporation (UECDC), an affiliate of the Minority Community Investment Coalition (MCIC).

Gary Horton, Director of the UECDC, led the service which included moments of prayer and silence. Former Mayor...