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YPC at the Monastery
April 7, 2018

The chapel at Mount St. Benedict Monastery was filled with music when the Young People’s Chorus of Erie (YPC) performed part of their upcoming spring concert for sisters and guests under the direction of Gabrielle Dietrich, conductor, and accompanied by Joyce Kriner, pianist.

“These talented young people leave no doubt in my mind that choral music is in good hands for the future,” said Sister Marilyn Schauble, community musician and host. “It was a beautiful concert in every way. The musical renditions were in a variety of styles and languages, all with meaningful messages and...

St. George Catholic School's "Jeans Day" benefits Emmaus Ministries
April 6, 2018

“Wow! This is an awesome amount of money you raised!” said Sister Mary Miller, director of Emmaus, when she met Maddie and Leah, two eighth graders from St. George Catholic School who brought the proceeds of their school’s “Jeans Day” to Emmaus. “Did you expect to raise this much?”

“Each student is encouraged to bring a dollar to wear jeans but if you donate more, like five dollars as I did,” said Leah, “that’s okay, too.”

Students and staff participated in a “jeans day” where they were encouraged to donate $1 to Emmaus Ministries in order to wear jeans to school for the day...

Chapter 57 Online Gallery and Store
April 5, 2018

Select items from the 2018 Women's Art Show, Creation, are available for sale at our new online store and Gallery. The store is a smaller version of our monastery gift shop, Chapter 57.

Visit the Gallery here.

Items from the Art Show are available until April 29. Purchases will be shipped the following week.

Other online offerings include Mount St. Benedict Monastery t-shirts and sweatshirts, hand-crafted greeting cards, select artwork, and music and prayer resources.

Visit the...

What a team!
March 31, 2018

The chapel is being transformed from the starkness of Lent to the fullness of Easter. A team is working together to create an environment that speaks of new life and new creation so that all will be in readiness for the celebration of the Easter Vigil. The hope: beauty that expands the hearts of all in praise and worship of God the Creator.

Photo: (L-R): Sisters Elizabeth Oettel, Irene Spacht, Kath Horan, and Karen Oprenchok, Oblate Marie Wolf, and Sister Charles Marie Holze.

Good Friday Pilgrimage for Peace
March 30, 2018

Benedictines for Peace have held their 38th annual Good Friday Pilgrimage for Peace. Click here to view Go.Erie Facebook coverage by Sarah Grabski, online reporter. In the video Sister Anne Wambach explains the reason behind the walk: "We walk for peace throughout our city, remembering all the suffering throughout our world."


O God, Hear our Prayer
March 30, 2018

Tenebrae: a series of psalms and lamentations and a meditation on the events of salvation running from the Last Supper to the entombment.

The candles of the Tenebrae candelabra are lit and then extinguished in order to denote the almost complete abandonment of Christ by the apostles. Nevertheless, the unrecognized light of Christ is not destroyed, as the 15th candle gives evidence. In the midst of the deepening darkness, the light of this candle still shines.

Easter Egg Fun
March 28, 2018

Benedictines cultivate beauty whenever they can – even in the art of Easter egg decorating. “There was nothing haphazard about the annual event organized by Sister Helen Heher,” said Sister Marilyn Schauble, one of the egg decorators. “Every detail was attended to with care. It was so inviting that you couldn’t help but want to decorate eggs and create something beautiful.”

Eggs are symbolic of new life and for Christians decorated Easter eggs are a sign of Resurrection life and joy. “It was a fun evening,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “As the number of beautifully decorated...

Easter Preparations at the Soup Kitchen
March 28, 2018

Holy Thursday at the soup kitchen has always been celebrated as the great feast that Jesus intended when, during his last supper with his followers, he broke bread and told them to love one another as he loved them. Not only are guests treated to a special five-star meal but they also receive early Easter gifts.

"Receiving Easter candy can bring back positive memories of when one was young," said Sister Rosanne Lindal-Hynes, the women's advocate at Emmaus Ministries. "We have a group of volunteers that each year put together a bag of traditional Easter candy."

Adult guests...

Emmaus Volunteer Profile: Marie Wolf
March 27, 2018

Today I was the sous chef at the soup kitchen. Marie Wolf, a volunteer at the soup kitchen and food pantry for seven years, brought me in and taught me how to prepare a meal for 150 people. We prepared pulled pork, potatoes with butter and garlic, fresh fruit, chili, and chicken and rice soup. I had plenty of questions for Marie. Because of all these questions I had, I decided to do an interview with Marie so others could learn, too, what Marie does when she works with Emmaus' cook, Shirley Whaley, in the kitchen.

Breanna: How often do you volunteer at...

Request for Final Incorporation
March 26, 2018

Sister Jacinta Conklin was greeted with a joyful alleluia after she was accepted for final incorporation into the Benedictine Sisters of Erie.

Sister Jacinta began her discernment when it became clear that her monastery in St. Marys, PA would be closing as a result of a climbing median age and lack of new members. She came to Erie in 2016 and began discerning the process of transfer which led to her request for final incorporation. Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, presented the Sister Jacinta’s request to the monastic chapter. A community vote was taken and Sister Jacinta was accepted...

March for Our Lives . . . Passion Sunday
March 25, 2018

Several sisters, oblates and friends of the community joined the hundreds who participated in Erie's March for Our Lives.

"Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks." --Yo-Yo Ma

Move forward with conviction . . . Plead for change . . . Pray for courage . . . Seek peace.

Now is the time--Share your passion.

Photo credit: Jackie Small, Oblate