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The New Year Begins
December 31, 2017

There is a sense of newness in the monastery as we begin another year. Whatever was is no more. Life is like that. It is a recurring cycle, ever changing, always new. It is simply a matter of learning to let go of the past so that we can all begin again.

—From A Monastery Almanac by Joan Chittister, OSB

This New Year provides us with the opportunity start anew. Let us do so with mindfulness and attention, with generosity and care, so that we may know peace within and be a presence of kindness and peace in any and all situations.

May you know a blessed...

“Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…!”
December 27, 2017

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…” but the friends of Emmaus are delightful, making sure our guests can keep warm though Erie winters.

Noreen Pociej of Milcreek Hospital began a collection of new socks, hats, and gloves which quickly expanded to the entire ACL laboratory employees of Millcreek Community Hospital. “We appreciate all the meals you provide for the soup kitchen’s visitors every day but we also know that sometimes they are in need of other items that may not be available to them at the soup kitchen,” said the note that came with their delivery. “Please distribute...

SBEC assists St. Martin Center with gift drive
December 27, 2017

Each year, St. Martin Center collects and distributes gifts to Erie children. This year St. Benedict Education Center (SBEC) partnered with them to spread Christmas joy. The second floor at SBEC was used as a staging area, and on December 18 and 19 families came to the education center to pick up their gifts. Over 1200 children are going to receive just what they asked Santa for – and all because of the generosity of others. SBEC participants worked to label all of the “stars” that identified each child, and staff volunteered time to help hand out presents.

“Almost every room...

The aroma of Christmas fills the air
December 26, 2017

I don’t know what’s in your pizzelles but the Mount’s pizzelles are full of love and fun. Sister Marilyn Schauble, with the help of Sister Karen Oprenchok, whipped up the batter ahead of time so there was no delay in the baking. Newer members were initiated into the annual tradition and learned the ropes from a number of resident experts who have been pressing pizzelles for years. “It didn’t take them long to catch on,” said Sister Marilyn of Colleen Leathley and Priscilla Richter, both participants in the Benedicta Riepp...

A Riepper named Priscilla
December 26, 2017

After spending a month as an observer Priscilla Richter, a former minister and resident of North Carolina, was initiated into the Benedicta Riepp Monastic Experience program on December 20 with a simple ceremony. During the ritual Priscilla expressed her desire to journey with and live monastic life with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie for the next 11 months. With the assurance of the community’s support she pronounced and signed a statement of promise in the presence of Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, and the community...

Advent: Week IV
December 23, 2017

Kathy McCarthy, postulant, placed the fourth candle in the Advent wreath at the beginning of the last Advent Vigil.

Let our prayer continue to be:

Hopeful longing sung through the ages.
God's reign of justice fulfilled in our days.
Christ, Redeemer, come pierce the dark of night.
Come, Lord Jesus, be our light.

(“Hopeful Longing” by Ricky Manalo and Dan Schutte)

The Gift for a Lifetime by Joan Chittister, OSB
December 18, 2017

In a special feature, “The Thoughts that Counted,” in the December 2017 issue of O (The Oprah Magazine), “O friends and family recall the most unforgettable presents they ever received, from homemade treasures to life-changing words to extraordinary ordinary objects.”

Included in the article is the following contribution by Sister Joan Chittister:

“The Gift for a Lifetime”
Joan Chittister, OSB

It was Christmas Eve, 1945. I was 9 years old. Truth be told, it was a dark time for a child. My stepfather—“a good man when he wasn’t drinking...

Advent: Week III
December 16, 2017

Sister Valerie Luckey, who recently made her first monastic profession, placed the third candle in the Advent wreath at the beginning of the Vigil. Let our prayer continue to be:

Hopeful longing sung through the ages.
God's reign of justice fulfilled in our days.
Christ, Redeemer,
come pierce the dark of night.
Come, Lord Jesus, be our light.

(“Hopeful Longing” by Ricky Manolo and Dan Schutte)

The fourth and final Advent Vigil will be held next Saturday, December 23, 7:00 PM, in the monastery chapel. Sister Joan Chittister will give the...

St. Stephen’s Nursery School donates to Emmaus
December 15, 2017

How can children who are barely out of diapers – ages three to five years old – help the guests of the Soup Kitchen?

Well, when your nursery school has a director that volunteers at the Emmaus Soup Kitchen on a regular basis, you might begin learning about how to give back to your community before you’re even six years old!

Shelia Causgrove volunteers at Emmaus Soup Kitchen the first Wednesday of each month and was encouraged to host a personal care drive at St. Stephen’s Nursery School, where she is the director.

“In collecting these items for Emmaus,” said Shelia, “...

2017 SBA Christmas Party
December 14, 2017

“A cheer for SBA for dear old SBA. Let’s sing her memory in joyful song,” rang out loud and clear as more than 364 folks joined in singing the school song at the 2017 St. Benedict Academy Alum Christmas Party. “It was one of the best parts of the evening,” said Ann Comstock, SBA Alum Director. “There is nothing like the spirit and loyalty of these women.”

This year’s event attracted more than a dozen first time attendees and guests. The celebration, held at the Ambassador Banquet and Conference Center, was made...

Global Sisters Report posts latest article by Sister Linda Romey
December 13, 2017

“The cultural messages that devalue and objectify women and the definition of women’s role as silence and submission are ingrained in us — in our families as we grow up, at every level of our educational system, in workplaces, in sports and in entertainment. And in our churches and religious communities,” writes staff member Sister Linda Romey in her latest column on Global Sisters Report (GSR), "Bringing Darkness to Light." But we are now seeing those messages lose their hold on us as we move from darkness to light in very real and public ways—and religious women continue to guide and...