Jacqueline Small, Postulant

Jacqueline Small began the postulancy on April 28, 2019. In her words, "When I first encountered this community as an intern with Sister Joan Chittister in the summer of 2015, I was a graduate student, working toward degrees in divinity and social work, hoping that these would prepare me for a life of seeking God and serving others. The sisters of this community showed me what such a life could look like: grounded, humble, simple, joyful, challenging, committed to peace and justice, interdependent, ancient, innovative …. After much discernment, I now feel drawn to deepen my relationship to this community, and to root my search for God more fully in the monastic life and practice . . ."

Originally from New Jersey, Jacqueline became an oblate in 2016. Not long after that she moved to Erie and has been working as a staff member of Monasteries of the Heart and Benetvision. Postulancy is the first phase of monastic formation. As a postulant Jacqueline will participate fully in the life of the community and live the communal life of prayer and ministry. She will learn community history, vision and values and have classes on Benedictine spirituality as she continues to discern her vocation.