Liturgical Environment

Never without them

Just over a year and a half ago we began a series here at Liturgy from A to Z. Since then the first posting of each month has featured our chapel windows, going along the organ side of the building then the lake side. The windows in the Eucharistic Chapel ended the series earlier this month.

As the monastery has been closed to guests and visitors because of the coronavirus pandemic, the impact of their absence has hit hard. After all, of guests and visitors Benedict tells us in his Rule that monasteries are never without them (RB 53:16). I remember the longing felt between trips when I was a visitor and then the anticipation that built as each mile passed in the rearview mirror when on the way here.

Below are links to the 17 webpages about our chapel windows. There you will find a photograph and an explanation of how they reflect various aspects of our charism. Enjoy them at your leisure, until we meet again.

Organ Side Lake Side
Praise Faith and Wisdom
Conversion Hope
Commitment Prayer
Compassion Justice
Eucharist Unity and Diversity
Gift of Self Light Counsel
Light Obedience
Community Spirit Christian Friendship
The Work of God
Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God – Rule of Benedict 43:3
1 - Praise
2 - Conversion
3 - Commitment
4 - Compassion
5 - Eucharist
6 - Gift of Self Light
7 - Light
8 - Community Spirit
9 - Faith and Wisdom
10 - Hope
11 - Prayer
12 - Justice
13 - Unity Diversity
14 - Counsel
15 - Obedience
16 - Christian Friendship
17 - The Work of God