Liturgical Music

This season calls us

It was ten years ago yesterday that I made my final oblation at St. Benedict Monastery in Oxford, Michigan. The time spent there as an oblate was fruitful indeed, as by both word and deed, the monks and oblates first introduced and then nurtured in me a love of the Benedictine way of life.

Memories of how on my first visit, in the parking lot, the last name of the first person I met was Devine (which I took as divine ... it’s a sign!). Memories of the silence in the big round room at the retreat house where we gathered later that day. Memories of the friendships over the years. For their part in my journey to this community, I am most grateful.

May we prefer nothing whatever to Christ, and may he bring us all together to everlasting life.

The text below is offered for reflection, perhaps with music, as it was set to an ancient Latin hymn linked here.

♫ ♫

This season calls us to return
that by repentance we may learn
to seek but Christ and Christ alone,
who by his cross makes us his own.

O may the joy of holy Lent
bring us the patience to repent,
to lose our lives for Christ this day
and run by faith the gospel way.

Come make our yoke, O Christ, so sweet,
our burden light, our joy complete,
that we may praise the Trinity
this day and all eternity.

♫ ♫

Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God – Rule of Benedict 43:3

. RB 72:11-12
. Text for reflection is This Season Calls Us by Harry Hagan, OSB, OCP Publications; Hymn tune is Conditor Alme Siderum