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Setting the Environment

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The Sunday Eucharist has been at the heart of the Church's liturgical calendar for over 103,200 consecutive weeks.*

Much planning goes into every celebration of the Eucharist. On one recent Sunday I counted at least 21 people who were either involved in the planning or participated in some other way that day (other than being part of the assembly), such as musicians, readers, greeters, Eucharistic Ministers, and priest. In anticipation, our chapel is transformed each and every Saturday afternoon.

One thing we do to acknowledge this special occasion is to place flowers in front of the altar and ambo. We are particularly blessed to have such a variety from which to choose, growing right here on our grounds. One person each week is assigned the task of “setting the environment” and depending on the time of year, that can mean you have your pick from an abundance of fresh daffodils, tulips, hydrangeas, day lilies, cosmos, roses, etc. We may be nearing the end of an extended stretch of Ordinary Time; however, there is simple yet noble beauty that adorns our chapel each Sunday.

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Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God – Rule of Benedict 43:3
Cosmos in chapel
Day lilies
Day lilies after liturgy