Liturgical Time

Waxing Spiritually


Time is measured in various ways. A year’s worth can be described as 525,600 minutes or as one trip around the sun. For a chosen few, it can represent the entirety of an earthly life span. The end of any year brings with it an opportunity to review and reflect. With only two Sundays left in this liturgical year I wonder: Am I waxing spiritually?

One meaning of the verb to wax is to grow in quantity or intensity. As an example of this, the moon’s lit face increases (waxes) as it approaches fullness then decreases (wanes) afterwards. A few days ago, upon rising, I looked out the window to check on our moon and instead was greeted by the scene below. The golden leaves of fall display the remnants of a fruitful growing season, while the first snow covers the grass that has suddenly been thrust into hibernation.

The seasons of nature align with the seasons of the liturgical year. There are periods when growth slows and periods when growth may need taming. The last Sunday of the liturgical year will celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. Known as a transitional Sunday, here it bridges the year that was with the Advent of the next.

Am I waxing spiritually? Does Christ reign in my life?

Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God – Rule of Benedict 43:3
Golden leaves in snow
Golden leaves in snow