Are you considering responding to God's call to live the Gospel message more intensely as part of a religious community? Might we be that community for you?

Here is what Becca had to say about her time with us: What I took away from this experience was spending time in a space where people support and care for one another. At the time of our visit, I was really struggling to determine if I was on the right path for me. I wasn't sure that my graduate program was the way to go and I didn't know if I would ever have a career. I had been working in a job that was extremely difficult and left that job to return to school. I felt emotionally drained from constantly questioning where I was going. When I arrived in Erie - I felt supported and cared for. I was able to discuss my options and experiences with people who were supportive and caring. Now I am working as a teacher (in a small Catholic school), and know I made the right decisions.

Consider coming for a visit and making "memorable moments" here at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.