Are you longing for life and desiring to see good days (Psalm 24:130 - RB Prol. 15)? Are you thinking about finding a way to live the Gospel more intensely? Consider the Benedictine Sisters of Erie. Maybe now is the time to respond to the invitation to seek God in community through prayer and ministry.

Here is what Victoria had to say about her time with us: I especially loved praying with the community every morning and evening; it really gave a sense of structure to the day. I also had amazing experiences at all of the different service sites we went to. All of the service we did for the poor really helped me gain a great sense of compassion for them and really inflamed in me a desire to serve the poor more often.

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie are just amazing people - peaceful, hospitable, and welcoming in every way - really amazing women who have found true fulfillment in life. That's pretty much what I told my friends when describing my experiences. And it was definitely easiest to tell my immediate family about my visit.

Consider coming for a visit and making "memorable moments" here at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.

Contact Sister Marilyn Schauble for more information.