Are you looking for a community that values communal prayer and puts into practice words from the Rule of Benedict: Chapter 4-Tools of Good Works "devote yourself often to prayer?" The Benedictine Sisters of Erie might be just the community for you.

Patty shares the experience of praying with the community while she was here. I remember like it was yesterday walking into the sacred space for Morning Prayer and being awed by the beauty of the monastery chapel. The light coming through the windows was breathtaking and the holy water sculpture seemed to draw me in to touch it. As I centered for praying, I could not help see how kind the sisters were to one another especially to those elderly women who needed assistance. It clearly was faith in action. I really felt a calling back to the monastery for Midday Prayer with the community. It centered me and quieted me down in the middle of a busy day. What a gift this was to me. The evening prayer helped me connect with God and reflect on the days happenings.

We might be just the community that you are looking for to put your faith life into action. Consider coming for a visit to make your own "memorable moments" with us.

Contact Sister Marilyn Schauble for more information.