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My eldest son: his health & reconciliation with his siblings
My eldest son, 31, who is sadly estranged from his younger brothers. They don't want to see him because his mental health difficulties affected them growing up. He's gone missing many times, been in hospital and, for a number of years, homeless, unbeknown to us at the time. I love him so much. I've had to learn to forgive him for the hurt he's caused and to try to understand that it was his illness, not him. Not the little boy who once took his Mum's hand and said 'I want to stay with my mummy for ever'. Please pray for hiw wholeness, his happiness (his mood is so flat, so low, he says so little), a reconciliation with his dear brothers. I love them all equally and know that God does, too. Please, please God - restore my son to good health and help him to smile and laugh again. And please help his brothers to heal from the mental scars he left them with and to begin the long journey of forgiveness. The family whole again is my dearest wish - may it be God's will. Thank you very much for this prayer.

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Cerys Parry