Gifts of Stock and Mutual Funds
By making a gift of stocks or mutual funds you may realize both income and capital gains tax savings. These savings enable more of your money to go to the Sisters and their programs that are helping people in need.

Please contact the Development Office for further information on how to complete stock transfers to the Benedictine Sisters of Erie.

Wills and Bequests
This is a wonderful way to make a substantial gift when you do not have the disposable assets to do so at this time. By remembering the Benedictine Sisters of Erie in your will, you can ensure that part of your estate will continue to benefit the sisters and their work. Your generosity is an expression of your hopes and dreams for the future of the Benedictine Sisters and their Ministries.

Matching Gifts
Many employers have matching gift programs for charitable donations by their employees and retirees. Contact your Human Resources office to see if your gift is eligible and complete the necessary paperwork.

Corporations, Businesses & Foundations
There are a number of ways that businesses and corporations, no matter how large or small, can partner with the Benedictines Sisters of Erie.

Corporate, private and family foundations support the Benedictine Sisters and their Ministries. Please let us know if your company has such a giving program, or if you know of a foundation whose giving philosophy might fit with our ministry.

If your business is paying taxes in Pennsylvania you may already be approved for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program which allows tax credits for donations to qualified non-profits. If you haven’t already taken advantage of this program and would
like more information please contact the Development Office or go to the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development website Two of our ministries qualify for tax credit donations under the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program: the Inner-City Neighborhood Art House can receive contributions for their approved educational programs; and St. Benedict Center qualifies for their approved Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship program.

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie, in partnership with the private sector, can ensure that the vital programs needed to bring about positive change in the Erie community will continue to flourish.