Christmas Appeal 2018

Christmas 2018

Dear Friend,
Christmas is a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ and the coming of Christ’s light into our world. The Christ child in our midst is a gift that invites us to expand our hearts and our giving. It is a gift that calls us to bring light to a world in need of truth, peace, and justice. It is a gift that calls us to stretch out our arms in reverence and care for those less fortunate. Christmas joy will be ours when we help bear the burdens of those in need and attempt to fill hurting hearts with the generous gifts of kindness, compassion, and care.

Now, in recognition of our sisters who have spent years bringing Christmas hope to others, I ask for your help. A gift to our Christmas Fund will support our ministries and assist with the upkeep of our monastery. It will also bring love and care to our senior sisters who worked so long for so little.

With no guarantee of financial security, these faith-filled sisters who went before us worked tirelessly with a generosity of spirit, energy, talent, and prayer. Many received modest stipends. Any surplus, after meeting the daily needs of the community, was re-invested into Benedictine ministries. It wasn’t until 1996 that we had enough money to buy into the Social Security fund. A combination of low wages, mortgage payments, and caring for the less fortunate resulted in the community’s retirement needs being almost 65% underfunded. At times this is a daunting prospect but one that I truly believe we can solve with your help, and generosity.

Perhaps you would consider a gift to the sisters in the name of a family member or friend. You wouldn’t be spending any more, but you would be showing how grateful you are for the sister who inspired you, who helped shape your life, was your mentor, prayed for you and your family, or was simply a good friend!

Our commitment to the gospel and serving others remains constant. However, the ability to provide adequate funds for the present and future retirement of the sisters is vital to the viability of this community and to continuing the work we started 162 years ago. Your financial gift will help us to meet our needs so that we can continue to address the overwhelming needs of our society.

Simply click here and make a gift on our secure website or print a PDF donation form and send it to us via regular mail: Benedictine Sisters of Erie, 6101 E. Lake Rd., Erie, PA 16511. You could also continue the spirit of Christmas for the next year by becoming a part of our Companions program with a recurring monthly gift. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss a major gift to the Retirement Fund please call Mary Jane Vergotz, OSB, 814-899-0614, ext. 2409.

Every day we give thanks for all of you and your many gifts! Whether you’re an oblate, alumnae, family member, friend, staff, or volunteer you are an important part of our mission through your gift of time, prayer, and generosity.

May the Christ child light your way this Christmas and throughout the coming year,

Anne Wambach, OSB, Prioress and the Benedictine Sisters of Erie