First Week of Lent

First Week of Lent

We begin Week One of Lent praying this translation Psalm 25 by Sister Jacqueline Sanchez-Small, who holds a Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. Sister Jen Frazer offered reflections at Saturday's vigil. Both are Erie Benedictine novices.

Psalm 25
I have put my whole being
into your arms, my God.
You are the only safety I know.
Do not leave me frightened, shaking,
as rage and hatred roar with power.

Oh, all of us are waiting for you,
clinging to the promise of your love.
Do not leave us in confusion,
trusting lies and emptiness.

We want to know your ways, O God;
teach us to see your paths.
Train me to walk in your truth,
lead us, Holy One, to salvation.

We hold on to the hope of your love, day after day.
Remember, God, the ancient strength of your kindness.
Hold us, still, in the womb of your mercy.

We have lost sight of your paths.
We, like children, have disobeyed.
But you, who are all good,
remember us with care.
Our God is goodness itself,
guiding the lost back to safe paths,
giving wisdom to those who suffer.

We are crushed by the pain we have created,
by the guilt of what we have allowed.
O Holy One, renowned for your love,
lighten the weight of our sorrows.
Forgive us, we who look to you with awe,
and teach us to choose your ways.

Then we will rest in your peace,
and our children will feel at home on the earth,
close to you always,
seeing signs of your friendship everywhere.

I look for you constantly, O God,
only you can free me,
pull me from all that traps me.
Face me, my God, give me the grace I need.

I am all alone. I have no one,
and nothing but heartache
which grows by the hour.
Loosen the bonds of my suffering.

See my pain, see my fear,
see all that is so wrong,
the strength of cruelty and evil.

Protect me, rescue me,
give me the safety of your arms,
and help me to trust you,
your perfect ways, your endless goodness,
so I can place my hope in you.

Set your people free, O God,
from all the binds us.