An Easter Message from the Prioress

Sister Stephanie Schmidt

“Even the bleakest life sustains the consciousness that somewhere, somehow there is going to be a resurrection, a rebirth of joy, a beauty that will never fade.”

Once a year we sing this antiphon at Tenebrae (morning prayer) on Good Friday and this simple, haunting chant is one of my favorite parts of Holy Week. It stays with me throughout the year resurfacing when I most need its message. This past year it has come to mind frequently. After this long year of pandemic and political, social, and racial divisions, we are more than ready for resurrection.

Easter is the greatest feast of the Christian faith. It’s so great that we take 40 days of Lent to prepare for it and 50 days after to celebrate it.

God raises the crucified Jesus to new life and shows the transforming power of love. Easter is a time for rejoicing, feasting, celebrating the victory of life over death, light over darkness, joy over sorrow, love over hate, and hope over despair. It strengthens our belief that in the end, all shall be well.

We are called to be EASTER people, celebrating the good news of the Risen Christ, singing songs of praise as we open our hearts and eyes to the new life within and around us. This Easter let us be aware of the everyday resurrections happening in ordinary life.

  • A return to health after a serious case of COVID
  • A new job after months of unemployment
  • The healing of a broken relationship
  • A biopsy that turns out benign
  • The birth of a new grandchild

There are so many reasons to rejoice when we focus on the positive. Our Easter joy is a gift of God that needs to be shared. ALLELUIA!

"Open my eyes to the moments of resurrection that surround me every day. There is always something rising, opening to new life, budding and blossoming, forgiving and transforming. Teach me to live that I may recognize the renaissance being celebrated in my midst at every moment. Make me a disciple of joy." —Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB

I pray that you will experience the power of the Resurrection in your life this Easter.

Sister Stephanie Schmidt, prioress