Solemnity of Jesus Christ, the Annointed One

Solemnity of Jesus Christ, the Annointed One

Reflections by Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski, OSB

Can you remember the first time you heard the words "cosmos" "cosmology"?

How about recalling the 1st time you referred to the Cosmic Christ?

It’s just about 40 years since the word "cosmos" entered into my consciousness along with "cosmology." Forty years ago I studied Creation Spirituality in Chicago, with Matt Fox and teachers like Hildegard of Bingen, Rosemary Reuther, who introduced me to the Feminine Face of God, and Brian Swimme, a cosmologist. Many years later, the Cosmic Christ terminology was an extension of my learnings.

In 1988, Matt Fox wrote the book, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ. He quotes Gregory Bateson, an English scholar, in many areas of scholarship among them: anthropologist and cyberneticist. "What is the pattern that connects?" Was the question that consumed the last 10 years of his life. Paul's letter to the Colossians offered a response with “Before anything was created, Christ existed and holds all things in Unity.” Hence Christ, the Pattern that connects, ushered in an era of connection making.

The emphasis is on the Cosmic Christ needing to be born both internally in us and externally through us. The Cosmic Christ awakens mindfulness which instructs persons in their need and right to experience the presence of Divinity around, within and through them.

Hildegard states, “All Science comes from God,” and Meister Eckhart says, “Isness is God.” Richard Rohr writes, “The Christ is not the same as Jesus. The Christ is still unfolding. Creation itself is the timeless Incarnation which we call Christ and Jesus is the personal Incarnation born in a moment of time.”

And Matt Fox writes, "To believe in the 'pattern that connects' – the Cosmic Christ – is to start connecting once again. For all belief is about practice not just theory.”

Arise in me, connect all within and around me, and I shall rise and do what I believe.

From Matt Fox, "And this enterprise (the doing) will require those 'new wineskins' that a living cosmology represented by the Cosmic Christ ushers in. New ways evolve in all areas of life, utilizing our capacities for creativity, imagination, play, suffering, sexuality, knowledge and wisdom itself.

"Embracing the Cosmic Christ will demand a paradigm shift and it will empower us for that shift. A couple of examples are the shift from:

  • Rationalism to mysticism
  • Personal salvation to communal healing, i.e., compassion as salvation
  • Theism (God outside us) to God in us and us in God (panentheism)
  • From religion to Spirituality
  • Fall/Redemption to Creation Centered"

Creation Spirituality is inclusive of all creation, the spirit within (all of Creation) so that the animals, plants, the natural elements (all things) are respected for the purpose (for the isness) for which they were created. The Cosmic Christ as the “Pattern that Connects”.

In the Scripture reading from Daniel (Dn 7:13-14), we learn of the Ancient One, gifting the One coming from the “clouds of heaven” to be served by all nations whose energy shall never be destroyed.

The name CHRIST means “the Anointed One.” All of us are anointed ones. We are all royal persons, creative, godly, persons of beauty and grace. We are all “other Christs,” Cosmic Christs.

We are called, like the Cosmic Christ, to radiate the divine presence to/with/from one another. We reflect (like mirrors) the glory of God as we all grow brighter, turning into the image that we reflect.

Glory is a cosmological term in the Scriptures and we learn that all the divine glory in the universe has not yet occurred. Humanity has the power and the responsibility to increase the glory that is the Divine Presence in the cosmos.

We are called to birth the Cosmic Christ in self and society. We are called to be the bearers of this new paradigm, this living cosmology; we are called to be the patterns that connect to a society of separation.

We have the advantage of living in families and in communities of believers. We have clarity in our Erie Benedictine Corporate Commitment of being these patterns of connection. We are rich in our diversity, our greatest gift so we must empower each other to the “fullest” in participating and connecting in a society and world that seems to thrive on division.

We have seen the statistics, heard the warnings. And the TIME is NOW to ACT based on our beliefs.

But are we ready? How do we prepare for such a task?

I suggest the way of mindful reflection: the Cosmic Christ already exists in every creature. But in the human species, capable of consciousness, this has little or no effect if we are unaware of it. How mindful am I of being a "Cosmic Christ"?

The Cosmic Christ is the Christ of justice, of creativity, of compassion in self and society that yearns to be born in us. What good is it if the Son of God is not born in my person and in my culture and in my time?

We are called to radiate the divine presence to/with/from one another. What changes do I need to make in my everyday life to act on this belief?

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash