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Olivia Healing and Penelope relocation
Hello all, I do miss you so much! I have been teaching in the inner city of Phoenix but have a new teaching job in Yuma AZ for next school year. That is difficult right now because my apartment bathroom pipe burst and I need to get my things somewhere....but! The delay is that I have been in Columbus OH with my youngest daughter's spinal cord surgery 7 weeks ago. BUT the incision is still not healed. The Duke Medical surgeon does not now why. He keeps saying wait. BUT that is a scary plan so close to the spine. So today she has contacted a wound clinic and PT for spinal surgery patients in Columbus. I will not leave her to deal with things.... so waiting for management to respond to plans for apartment - which includes moving my things to storage. Then I need to find the place to live and prepare for classes. A Christian friend Dana is going to help me find a place to live. The school contract will be on the May 13 board meeting agenda. The worst case is that the surgeon will want her to come back to Raleigh and let him open the incision again and wash it out!!! Thanks for the community prayers - I will report back! Penny Miller (Art - remember the giant giraffe paper mâché?)

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