Elizabeth Adams
Sister Beth Adams
Saint Benedict Child Development Center
Placida Anheuser
Sister Placida Anheuser
Prayer and Presence
Ann Bannon
Sister Ann Bannon
Contributed Services
Laura Beichner
Sister Laura Beichner
Development Office Staff
Marlene Bertke
Sister Marlene Bertke
Contributed Services
Marla Bleil
Sister Marla Bleil
Benetwood Apartments, Staff
Judith Bohn
Sister Judith Bohn
Bookkeeper, Business Office
Paula Burke
Sister Paula Burke
Bookeeper, Insurance Office
Joan Chittister
Sister Joan Chittister
Author and Lecturer
Jacinta Conklin
Sister Jacinta Conklin
Contributed Services, Library, Groundskeeping
Diane Cook
Sister Diane Cook
Community Treasurer
Mary Ellen Cummings
Sister Mary Ellen Cummings
Inner-city Neighborhood Art House
Susan Doubet
Sister Susan Doubet
Research Assistant for Sister Joan Chittister, Subprioress
Mary Therese Egan
Sister Mary Therese Egan
Director of Information Technology
Mary Louis Eichenlaub
Sister Mary Louis Eichenlaub
Prayer and Presence
Jen Frazer
Jen Frazer
Susan Freitag
Sister Susan Freitag
Development Office, Inner-city Neighborhood Art House
Joachim Frey
Sister Joachim Frey
Contributed Services
Therese Glass
Sister Therese Glass
AIM USA, Staff Member, General Secretary for Sister Joan Chittister
Janet Goetz
Sister Janet Goetz
Archives, Business Office
Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski
Sister Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski
Retreat Facilitator
Susan Hallstein
Sister Susan Hallstein
Insurance Office
Mary Grace Hanes
Sister Mary Grace Hanes
Prayer and Presence
Patricia Hause
Sister Patricia Hause
Administrator, Benetwood Apartments
Helen Heher
Sister Helen Heher
Wellness Services Director
Ann Hoffman
Sister Ann Hoffman
AIM USA, Executive Director
Mary W. Hoffman
Sister Mary Hoffman
Catholic Rural Ministry, Potter & McKean Counties
Charles Marie Holze
Sister Charles Marie Holze
Director of Physical Resources
Cindy Hoover
Sister Cindy Hoover
Receptionist/Office Manager, St. Benedict Education Center
Katherine Horan
Sister Katherine Horan
Principal, St. Jude
Norma Jean Kingsley
Sister Norma Jean Kingsley
Contributed Services
Rose Ann Kolbas
Sister Rose Ann Kolbas
Business Office Staff
Colette Korn
Sister Colette Korn
Contributed Services
Christine Kosin
Sister Christine Kosin
Staff, AIM USA
Karen Kosin
Sister Karen Kosin
Product Resource Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank of NW PA
Mary Lou Kownacki
Sister Mary Lou Kownacki
Director, Benetvision Publishing, Director, Monasteries of the Heart
Mary Bernadette Ladner
Sister Mary Bernadetter Ladner
Prayer and Presence
Dina Lauricella
Sister Dina Lauricella
Information Tech Asst., Infirmary Staff
Colleen Leathley
Postulant, Benedictines for Peace, Benetvision
Rosanne Lindal-Hynes
Sister Rosanne Lindal-Hynes
Emmaus Ministries
Rosanne Loneck
Sister Rosanne Loneck
Spiritual Director, SBA Alumnae Association Community Liaison
Valerie Luckey
Sister Valerie Luckey
Emmaus Ministries
Mary Ann Luke
Sister Mary Ann Luke
Prayer and Presence
Pat Lupo
Sister Pat Lupo
Inner-City Neighborhood Art House
Annette Marshall
Sister Annette Marshall
Executive Director, Inner-city Neighborhood Art House
Miriam Mashank
Sister Miriam Mashank
Contributed Services
Anne McCarthy
Sister Anne McCarthy
Benetvision Staff, Monasteries of the Heart Staff, Benedictines for Peace Coordinator
Kathy McCarthy
Sister Kathy McCarthy
Staff, Erie Homes for Children and Adults
Patricia McGreevy
Sister Patricia McGreevy
Contributed Services
Miriam McMullen-Pastrick
Sister Miriam McMullen-Pastrick
Mary Miller
Sister Mary Miller
Director, Emmaus Ministries, Inc.
Veronica Mirage
Sister Veronica Mirage
Teacher; Religion and Liturgy Coordinator, All Saints School, Wickliffe, Ohio
Ann Muczynski
Sister Ann Muczynski
Behavioral Health PTSD Therapist, VA Medical Center, Trauma trainer/consultant, Gertrude Barber Center
Elizabeth Oettel
Sister Elizabeth Oettel
Associate Director of Religious Education, Diocese of Erie (Eastern Vicariate)
Karen Oprenchok
Sister Karen Oprenchok
Benetwood Apartments Staff
Margaret Ann Pilewski
Sister Margaret Ann Pilewski
Program Director, Inner City Neighborhood Art House, Chapter 57 Fine Art Gift Shop Manager
Mary Ellen Plumb
Sister Mary Ellen Plumb
Staff Member, Monasteries of the Heart, Office Manager, Benetvision and Monasteries of the Heart
Diane Rabe
Sister Diane Rabe
Director, Saint Benedict Center Child Development Programs, Dean of Monastery
Linda Romey
Sister Linda Romey
Staff, Benetvision/Monasteries of the Heart, Web Developer/Designer
Dianne Sabol
Sister Dianne Sabol
Director of Programs and Facility, St. Benedict Community Center, Oblate Director
Marilyn Schauble
Sister Marilyn Schauble
Vocation Director, Neighborhood Art House, Accounts Receivable
Phyllis Schleicher
Sister Phyllis Schleicher
Catholic Rural Ministry, Potter & McKean Counties
Stephanie Schmidt
Sister Stephanie Schmidt
Director of Monastic Formation
Marcia Sigler
Sister Marcia Sigler
Contributed Services
Jacqueline Small
Jacqueline Small
Postulant, Staff, Monasteries of the Heart/Benetvision
Irene Spacht
Sister Irene Spacht
Community Liturgist
Audrey Steff
Sister Audrey Steff
Contributed Services
Dorothy Stoner
Sister Dorothy Stoner
Worksite Coordinator, Saint Benedict Education Center
Bernadette Sullivan
Sister Bernadette Sullivan
Contributed Services
Cecilia Sullivan
Sister Cecilia Sullivan
Contributed Services
Claire Marie Surmik
Sister Claire Marie Surmik
Emmaus Ministries
Lucia Marie Surmik
Sister Lucia Marie Surmik
Emmaus Ministries
Judith Trambley
Sister Judith Trambley
St. Benedict Education Center, Director of Personnel at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery
Mary Jane Vergotz
Sister Mary Jane Vergotz
Director of Development
Anne Wambach
Sister Anne Wambach
Marian Wehler
Sister Marian Wehler
Catholic Rural Ministry-II
Andrea Weidle
Sister Andrea Weidle
Prayer and Presence
Michelle Wilwohl
Sister Michelle Wilwohl
Contributed Services
Pat Witulski
Sister Pat Witulski
Staff, St. Benedict Education Center
Jean Wolbert
Sister Jean Wolbert
Hospitality Coordinator, Please use GUEST FORM for accommodation requests.
Charlotte Zalot
Sister Charlotte Anne Zalot
Adjunct Professor, Gannon University, Director of Communications
Rita Zattosky
Sister Rita Zattosky
Contributed Services
Margaret Zeller
Sister Margaret Zeller
Monastery Librarian
Theresa Zoky
Sister Theresa Zoky