Benedictine Sisters of Erie

This member directory of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie is in alphabetical order by last name. For a listing of our recently deceased sisters, please click here.

Sister Beth Adams
Elizabeth Adams, OSB
  • Saint Benedict Child Development Center
Sister Placida Anheuser
Placida Anheuser, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Ann Bannon
Ann Bannon, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Laura Beichner
Laura Beichner, OSB
  • Development Office Staff
Sister Marlene Bertke
Marlene Bertke, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Marla Bleil
Marla Bleil, OSB
  • Benetwood Apartments, Staff
Sister Judith Bohn
Judith Bohn, OSB
  • Bookkeeper, Business Office
Sister Paula Burke
Paula Burke, OSB
  • Bookeeper, Insurance Office
Sister Joan Chittister
Joan Chittister, OSB
  • Author and Lecturer
Jacinta Conklin, OSB
  • Contributed Services, Library
  • Groundskeeping
Sister Diane Cook
Diane Cook, OSB
  • Community Treasurer
Sister Mary Ellen Cummings
Mary Ellen Cummings, OSB
  • Inner-city Neighborhood Art House
Sister Kathryn Disbrow
Kathryn Disbrow, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Susan Doubet
Susan Doubet, OSB
  • Research Assistant for Sister Joan Chittister
  • Subprioress
Sister Mary Therese Egan
Mary Therese Egan, OSB
  • Director of Information Technology
Sister Mary Louis Eichenlaub
Mary Louis Eichenlaub, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Jerome Eustace
Jerome Eustace, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Susan Freitag
Susan Freitag, OSB
  • Development Office
  • Inner-city Neighborhood Art House
Sister Joachim Frey
Joachim Frey, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Therese Glass
Therese Glass, OSB
  • AIM USA, Staff Member
  • General Secretary for Sister Joan Chittister
Sister Janet Goetz
Janet Goetz, OSB
  • Archives, Business Office
Sister Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski
Carolyn Gorny-Kopkowski, OSB
  • Retreat Facilitator
Sister Justina Gutowski
Justina Gutowski, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Susan Hallstein
Susan Hallstein, OSB
  • Insurance Office
Sister Mary Grace Hanes
Mary Grace Hanes, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Patricia Hause
Patricia Hause, OSB
  • Administrator, Benetwood Apartments
Sister Helen Heher
Helen Heher, OSB
  • Wellness Services Director
Sister Ann Hoffman
Ann Hoffman, OSB
  • AIM USA, Executive Director
Sister Mary Hoffman
Mary W. Hoffman, OSB
  • Catholic Rural Ministry, Potter & McKean Counties
Sister Charles Marie Holze
Charles Marie Holze, OSB
  • Director of Physical Resources
Sister Cindy Hoover
Cindy Hoover, OSB
  • Receptionist/Office Manager, St. Benedict Education Center
Sister Katherine Horan
Katherine Horan, OSB
  • Science Teacher, Our Lady of Peace
Sister Norma Jean Kingsley
Norma Jean Kingsley, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Rose Ann Kolbas
Rose Ann Kolbas, OSB
  • Business Office Staff
Sister Colette Korn
Colette Korn, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Christine Kosin
Christine Kosin, OSB
  • Staff, AIM USA
Sister Karen Kosin
Karen Kosin, OSB
  • Product Resource Manager, Second Harvest Food Bank of NW PA
Sister Mary Lou Kownacki
Mary Lou Kownacki, OSB
  • Director, Benetvision Publishing
  • Director, Monasteries of the Heart
Sister Mary Bernadetter Ladner
Mary Bernadette Ladner, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Mary Bernard Lander
Mary Bernard Lander, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Dina Lauricella
Dina Lauricella, OSB
  • Information Tech Asst., Infirmary Staff
Sister Rosanne Lindal-Hynes
Rosanne Lindal-Hynes, OSB
  • Emmaus Ministries
Sister Rosanne Loneck
Rosanne Loneck, OSB
  • Spiritual Director
  • SBA Alumnae Association Community Liaison
Sister Valerie Luckey
Valerie Luckey, OSB
  • St. Benedict Child Development Center
Sister Mary Ann Luke
Mary Ann Luke, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Pat Lupo
Pat Lupo, OSB
  • Inner-City Neighborhood Art House
Sister Annette Marshall
Annette Marshall, OSB
  • Executive Director, Inner-city Neighborhood Art House
Sister Miriam Mashank
Miriam Mashank, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Anne McCarthy
Anne McCarthy, OSB
  • Benetvision Staff
  • Monasteries of the Heart Staff
  • Benedictines for Peace Coordinator
Sister Kathy McCarthy
Kathy McCarthy, OSB
  • Staff, Erie Homes for Children and Adults
Sister Anne McGreevy
Anne McGreevy, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Patricia McGreevy
Patricia McGreevy, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Carol Ann McLaughlin
Carol Ann McLaughlin, OSB
  • Pet Therapy (Therapy Dogs United)
Sister Miriam McMullen-Pastrick
Miriam McMullen-Pastrick, OSB
Sister Mary Daniel Meahl
Mary Daniel Meahl, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Mary Miller
Mary Miller, OSB
  • Director, Emmaus Ministries, Inc.
Sister Veronica Mirage
Veronica Mirage, OSB
  • Teacher; Religion and Liturgy Coordinator, All Saints School, Wickliffe, Ohio
Sister Ann Muczynski
Ann Muczynski, OSB
  • Behavioral Health PTSD Therapist, VA Medical Center
  • Trauma trainer/consultant, Gertrude Barber Center
Sister Elizabeth Oettel
Elizabeth Oettel, OSB
  • Associate Director of Religious Education, Diocese of Erie (Eastern Vicariate)
Karen Oprenchok
Karen Oprenchok, OSB
  • Emmaus Ministries Staff
Sister Margaret Ann Pilewski
Margaret Ann Pilewski, OSB
  • Program Director, Inner City Neighborhood Art House
  • Chapter 57 Fine Art Gift Shop Manager
Sister Mary Ellen Plumb
Mary Ellen Plumb, OSB
  • Staff Member, Monasteries of the Heart
  • Office Manager, Benetvision and Monasteries of the Heart
Sister Diane Rabe
Diane Rabe, OSB
  • Director, Saint Benedict Center Child Development Programs
  • Dean of Monastery
Sister Linda Romey
Linda Romey, OSB
  • Staff, Benetvision/Monasteries of the Heart
  • Web Developer/Designer
Sister Dianne Sabol
Dianne Sabol, OSB
  • Director of Programs and Facility, St. Benedict Community Center
  • Oblate Director
Sister Marilyn Schauble
Marilyn Schauble, OSB
  • Vocation Director
  • Neighborhood Art House, Accounts Receivable
Sister Phyllis Schleicher
Phyllis Schleicher, OSB
  • Catholic Rural Ministry, Potter & McKean Counties
Sister Stephanie Schmidt
Stephanie Schmidt, OSB
  • Director of Monastic Formation
Sister Marcia Sigler
Marcia Sigler, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Irene Spacht
Irene Spacht, OSB
  • Community Liturgist
Sister Audrey Steff
Audrey Steff, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Dorothy Stoner
Dorothy Stoner, OSB
  • Worksite Coordinator, Saint Benedict Education Center
Sister Bernadette Sullivan
Bernadette Sullivan, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Cecilia Sullivan
Cecilia Sullivan, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Claire Marie Surmik
Claire Marie Surmik, OSB
  • Emmaus Ministries
Sister Lucia Marie Surmik
Lucia Marie Surmik, OSB
  • Emmaus Ministries
Sister Dorothy Szczypinski
Dorothy Szczypinski, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Judith Trambley
Judith Trambley, OSB
  • St. Benedict Education Center
  • Director of Personnel at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery
Sister Mary Jane Vergotz
Mary Jane Vergotz, OSB
  • Director of Development
Sister Anne Wambach
Anne Wambach, OSB
  • Prioress
Sister Irene Warchol
Irene Warchol, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Marian Wehler
Marian Wehler, OSB
  • Catholic Rural Ministry-II
Andrea Weidle
Andrea Weidle, OSB
  • Prayer and Presence
Sister Michelle Wilwohl
Michelle Wilwohl, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Pat Witulski
Pat Witulski, OSB
  • Staff, St. Benedict Education Center
Sister Jean Wolbert
Jean Wolbert, OSB
  • Hospitality Coordinator
  • Please use GUEST FORM for accommodation requests.
Sister Charlotte Anne Zalot
Charlotte Zalot, OSB
  • Adjunct Professor, Gannon University
  • Director of Communications
Sister Rita Zattosky
Rita Zattosky, OSB
  • Contributed Services
Sister Margaret Zeller
Margaret Zeller, OSB
  • Monastery Librarian
Sister Theresa Zoky
Theresa Zoky, OSB
  • Archivist
Jen Frazer
Jen Frazer
  • Postulant
  • Staff, Inner-city Neighborhood Art House