$1 a Paycheck

What does a donation of $1 a paycheck add up to? Quite a bit, actually, when the whole staff pools their donations and chooses a charity to share it with.

This is what happened at the Subway in Edinboro on Washington Towne Blvd. Employees participated in a friendly competition: whichever employee sold the most promo sandwiches each month won the opportunity to choose which charity the pool of donations would go to.

When Madison Seaher, a college student, sold the most promo sandwiches, she chose to donate the pool - which came to $200 - to Emmaus Ministries.

“Madison came with two coworkers to donate the check,” said Rita Scrimenti, Emmaus’ social worker, “and then a few weeks later, came back with her mother to volunteer!”

Read this story and more at Emmaus Ministries.

Pictured: Sister Karen Oprenchok, Emmaus ministry assistant, receiving the check from Edinboro Subway employees Madison Seaher, Eve Gardner and Diana Spence.