Addressing Food Insecurity

There are many insecurities we face: weight insecurities, relationship insecurities, job insecurities… but have you ever heard of food insecurities?

Emmaus Soup Kitchen was a recipient of a project based on addressing food insecurities in the local Erie area held by three Gannon University Honor Societies.

Food insecurity, says the flyer Gannon students shared on campus and with their neighboring community, is “having inadequate access to sufficient quantities of affordable, nutritious food. One in three people in Erie county seek assistance through food pantries, soup kitchens, and other meal programs.” The flyer continues: Governmental budget cuts “have reduced food stamps, resulting in a loss of an estimated 21 meals per month for recipients.”

“This event used to take place in November,” says Professor Steven Ropski of Gannon University, advisor to the event. But for the past few years, the Golden Harvest takes place in the Spring when more groups on campus can concentrate on the neighbors in downtown Erie near Gannon University.

Plus, “there is just as much need in the springtime,” says Professor Ropski. Hunger knows no season.

Read this story and more on the Emmaus Ministries web page.

Pictured: Stephen Ventrello, senior Chemistry major at Gannon University and member of the Honor Societies delivering the canned food donations