Addressing New Needs at Emmaus: Donating Take-Out Containers

"We figured that this time must be really hard for the soup kitchen because we know that they are still feeding people during the pandemic," said Melanie Shufran, a longtime donor of Emmaus Ministries. When she and her spouse Ralph Edes heard the soup kitchen was switching to all take-out meals at the kitchen, they chose to help in a new way: purchasing 125-take out containers per week along with donating other necessary items like peanut butter and fruit.

Emmaus began purchasing take-out containers as soon as the pandemic began to ensure that all families and individuals were able to continue eating nutritious, cooked meals while maintaining social distance. Since March, the donations of Melanie and Ralph have saved the soup kitchen over $200/month in pandemic purchases.

Cultivating generous hearts is a tradition to Melanie: "For about twenty years,” she said, “we have known that we didn't need Christmas presents, so our we have shared the Christmas money my father, Andy Shufran, gives us with Emmaus Ministries. My parents taught me that if you have something to give, you should. For us, it's better to give than receive."

Photo (by Erie Times News) of Erie Blue Coat Ray handing out meals in the new take out containers at the Soup Kitchen.

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