Benedictine Ministries Collaborating

Emmaus Ministries and the Neighborhood Art House might be backyard neighbors, but they don’t always overlap. Until the summertime, that is, when the two Benedictine Ministries work together to provide children in the East side of Erie with food and activities during the day.

Since both the Art House and Emmaus’ Kids Cafe offer programs during the summer, the children from both programs – about 80 – gather each day at the Kids Cafe to share a hot and healthy lunch. After the meal, the children return to their respective programs for an afternoon of enriching activities.

Another way the two ministries interact is through the environment outreach of the Neighborhood Art House’s “Green Team.” Students under the direction of Sister Pat Lupo spend time at Emmaus Grove: The Erie Urban Farm School, along with other gardens in the area, learning about the plants and helping to keep the garden areas clean. The Green Team class also planted a vertical garden along the walkway between the Art House and Soup Kitchen a few years ago and continue to maintain that area as well as care for the trees in front of the Soup Kitchen, surrounding them with marigolds in place of weeds.

Pictured: Children from the Art House and Kids Cafe eating lunch