Benedictines participate in Vocation Day at St. Jude School

Erie Catholic School System, along with dioceses and schools across the nation, celebrated Catholic Schools Week (CSW) this past week. Some Erie Benedictines had the chance to be part of it thanks to Sister Katherine Horan, teacher at St. Jude School, Erie.

“Yesterday we at St. Jude School celebrated vocation day,” explained Sister Kath. “In support of the theme: Have Faith in Your Future—through building strong moral character, skills for academic success, and zeal for service to others, we organized a special event--Vocation Day.”

The CSW event included sisters, priests and lay folk who read to students in grades Pre-K to 5. Among them were Benedictine Sisters Mary Ellen Plumb and Jean Wolbert, and oblate, Jackie Small. In the afternoon there was a panel presentation followed by questions and answers for the older students in grades 6 through 8.

The panel included priests and sisters, and single and married lay persons, each representing their special vocation and sharing their unique vocation story. Sister Marilyn Schauble, OSB, Vocation Director, participated. “This was a very special event and I was happy to experience the St. Jude School community,” said Sister Marilyn. “Exposing students to the variety and differences among the vowed life, married life, single life or priesthood, opens them up to the possibilities that exist as they grow into their identity as children of God invited to live a special calling. I thank Sister Kath for the invitation. ”