BFP joins hundreds of Catholics to protest ICE

Representatives of Benedictines for Peace (BFP) including Sister Anne McCarthy, Postulant Jacqueline Small, Oblate Janice Etchison and steering committee members Kathleen Kutz and Sam Miller, along with Juan Llarena, participated in civil disobedience as part of the Catholic Action for Immigrant Children in Newark, NJ on September 4.

Hundreds of priests, sisters, and people of all ages joined in the demonstration to show their support for immigrant families who have been affected by current stricter immigration policies and have been detained at border facilities and treated inhumanely. They were led by Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark, who spoke to the day’s purpose: “Today I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in Christ to decry the treatment of children who bear the trauma wrought by immigration enforcement raids, separation from their families and indeterminate detention … these draconian measures are not a solution to our broken immigration system, they are violations of human dignity that are contrary to all religious teachings.”

Click here to read press coverage and view news videos and photos capturing this Catholic Action. It was one of many that are being planned across the country in the hope of raising awareness and response to combat government policies which diminish the human rights of immigrant children and families.