Blessing Prayer for Prioress as she heads to South Korea

Sister Susan Doubet, subprioress, led the community in a blessing of Sister Anne Wambach, prioress, as she prepares to travel to South Korea for the annual CIB (Communio Internationalis Benedictinarum) meetings which are being held in Daegu. She will join Sister Mary Jane Vergotz who left earlier in the week to attend to her duties as secretary of the CIB, a gathering of representatives from women’s Benedictine communities worldwide.

Join us in our prayer:

O God, we ask your blessing on Sister Anne and on all the delegates to the CIB international gathering in Daegu, South Korea.

May their days of sharing Benedictine life at this time in history and within their own various cultures, be rich valuable and blessed for all.

Watch over their travel and give Sisters Anne and Mary Jane and all of the sisters in attendance good health and grace during their time together. Amen.

Special Announcement:
Holy Hour for Peace to pray for peace in Korea and for nuclear disarmament next Thursday, September 14, from 7 PM-8PM in the chapel at Mount St. Benedict Monastery