Celebrating Jubilees and faithfulness to the Monastic Way of Life

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie celebrated the sisters who renewed their vows on the occasion of 60 years of monastic profession on Wednesday evening, August 5. Sisters Jean Wolbert, Karen Kosin, Miriam McMullen-Pastrick and Judith Bohn were the jubilarians. Sisters Jerome Eustace (75 years) and Sister Anne McGreevy (70 years) were celebrated in memoriam, having died unexpectedly on June 27 and June 13, respectively.

“Jubilees are important; they provide an opportunity to reflect on promises given and choices made to make the monastic journey essential and meaningful,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “The vows provide ways to love—they help us understand that love of God and of one another is the foundation of stability and serve as its empowering force; they help us understand that being faithful to the monastic way and the daily conversion it calls forth, happens as a result of a willingness to listen to the Spirit and one another from our deepest center.”

The evening was a rich celebration of commitment and community. The vow ritual took place during Evening prayer and was followed by a festive dinner. It was a rich celebration of rejoicing in commitment and community and being grateful for ever so many blessings.

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