Chapter 57 makeover complete

“It is said that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and I believe the presentation of beauty can make a world of difference for the experience of art,” said Sister Margaret Ann Pilewski, the Chapter 57 store manager. “After 30 some years Chapter 57, the community’s fine art gift shop, has received even more than a face lift. Combined with a refreshed presentation of art, the finished product leaves beauty in the eye of the beholder and a whole new experience of what was, what is, and what can be.”

The gift shop was closed in January and now, after several weeks of renovation, the update is complete. Special thanks go to the monastery maintenance personnel who played a big part in bringing about the transformation, along with Sister Margaret Ann and all who assisted her with the set-up. New lighting, carpets, paint and a rearrangement has helped create a beautiful space. Additional touches, which include repurposed cupboards and new countertop display tables, as well as some new for sale items, finalize the revitalized look and feel of Chapter 57.

Due to pandemic restrictions, a reopening for the public will be delayed. However, the residents of the monastery were invited to an open house. “The sisters have exclaimed over and over—‘it is so big . . . it is so modern . . . it is so beautiful . . . ,” shared Sister Margaret Ann. “And I simply smile from ear to ear because I know it is the same size and the same space; the renovations have given new beauty and energy to it.”

While it is true that the monastery remains closed to guests and visitors, the least we can do is provide you with a sneak peek at what to expect when the gift shop is allowed to reopen. Click here or on the photo to enjoy a glimpse of what you will see when we can invite you to a grand re-opening.