Come, Spirit, Come

The Easter Season comes to an end. The Church celebrates Pentecost and honors the coming of the Spirit. Pentecost immerses us into the implications of what it means to be Christian. As Sister Joan Chittister says: “It is at this point in the liturgical year when the curtain between here and there, time and eternity, for the most minute fraction of time splits open, and we begin to see not only what we are but what we can be.” (The Liturgical Year: the spiraling adventure of the spiritual life)

After 50 days of having the opportunity to celebrate Easter faith, to live Easter hope, to share Easter joy, the Liturgical Year cycles back into Ordinary Time. However, the opportunities to celebrate faith, live hope, and share joy are ever present, and in those opportunities lies the chance to celebrate the Spirit—the fullness of God’s presence and love alive within all creation.

Come, Spirit, come—Fill us with Light, fill us with Love . . . inspire . . . encourage . . . give us Peace . . . Amen, alleluia!