Community of Life 2021

Community of Life 2021

This past year we’ve grown accustomed to COVID headlines with numbers in the thousands. They are staggering numbers, but if you’ve lost someone you love to COVID, those huge numbers fall away to that one life you miss.

Our loved ones whom we have lost—whether recently or many years ago—are now part of the “Communion of Saints” in a new way. Through the celebration of All Saints and All Souls at the beginning of November, our Church remembers the entire Communion of Saints, those living and deceased, who have blessed our lives with their love. It’s a beautiful comfort our faith offers us.

And we, too, are part of that Communion of Saints, a belief that the Benedictine Sisters have been celebrating with you through our Community of Life Program since 1994.

The month of November, the sisters and I focus our prayers on your loved ones, living and deceased, whom you have enrolled in the Community of Life Program by sending us their names. We don’t forget the poor, the victims, the lonely who need our prayer, but we especially remember the people for whom you ask us to pray, and we do that in both our morning and evening communal prayer in the monastery chapel and in our daily individual prayer.

HERE IS A LINK where you can enter your name and the names of those you'd like us to remember in a special way this November. One of our sisters will be praying for your loved ones, and I am sure she would be grateful for your prayer, too. Together our prayer is a powerful force for good in the world.

I want you to know that an offering for remembrance in the Community of Life Program is not necessary. However, on behalf of those we serve through our work, we are grateful for any gift you can make.

Some days it is harder to hold on to our hope in the resurrection than on other days. It is on those difficult days that we need to remember the Communion of Saints to which we belong, to let ourselves be carried by others. This November, please let us carry you in our prayer.

We know that it is only through your prayer and support that we are able to offer outreach through our ministries, to welcome guests to the monastery, to invite new members to join us, and to care for our elderly sisters. You are with us in all the places where we walk with others.

The sisters and I invite you to celebrate our month of shared prayer with a special liturgy on Sunday, November 21, followed by home-baked breads and coffee in the monastery dining room—unless, of course, COVID restrictions are again necessary. If we do need to limit access to the monastery, we will post information on this website's home page.

The psalmist reminds us in Psalm 23 that we need not fear for God is our shepherd. As we continue to live with so many reasons to fear, may we remember always that God is with us and let this be our comfort now and always.


Sister Stephanie Schmidt, OSB