Community of Life and Hope: Do you have something or somebody you would like us to remember in our prayers?

Join us in our 2017 Community of Life program for November.

During November the Church traditionally prays in a special way for all the departed. Each of you are invited to join us in prayer pray during this month for our deceased loved ones and friends.

Simply send us the names of those you would like remembered during the month of November, in which All Saints and All Souls are celebrated. Not only do the sisters pray, in a special way, for all those who have died but also for the special intentions of the living.

Those enrolled in the Community of Life will be upheld in the sisters’ community prayer each day and daily by an individual sister.

“Upholding those who have gone before us as well as those who are still with us is very Benedictine,” says Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “Through the Community of Life program we give ourselves in prayer to the people whose names and intentions we hold close throughout the month of November.”

For more information on the Community of Life program, click here.