Sister Pat Lupo honored with Women in Conservation Award

“For a long time, too many years to count, I have worked with young people and adults to create change in the communities where they live, in the communities that we care about and in communities where justice demands that we work with our sisters and brothers to address their issues of concern,” said Sister Pat Lupo in her acceptance of the annual Women in Conservation Award. The award, presented by Penn Future, a Harrisburg-based environmental advocacy and political lobbying group, celebrates Sister Pat’s commitment to environmental activism and her achievements in conservation in Pennsylvania.

“This is a wonderful day for the Erie Benedictines,” said Sister Anne Wambach, prioress. “We are so proud of Pat and all that she does to raise awareness and motivate action by her dedication to environmental integrity. She is a woman of passion and vision. It is right and good that she should be celebrated.”


As a leader in environmental advocacy and action Sister Pat has served on numerous boards. “The newest group that I am working with is Our Water, Our Air, Our Rights,” Sister Pat shared. “This group has jettisoned me into the anti-fracking movement. I am working with local members and organizations here in NW PA as well as faith leaders from across the state for a moratorium and eventually a ban to fracking.” In addition, Governor Wolf recently re-appointed Sister Pat to the Great Lakes Commission for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Read the award news story by Dana Massing of Erie Times News.

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