Congratulations, Sister Phyllis Schleicher

The Benedictine Sisters of Erie were present to support and applaud Sister Phyllis Schleicher at the Women Making History 2020 annual event sponsored by the Mercy Center for Women and held on March 4 at Mercyhurst University. Sister Phyllis was named as one of this year’s thirteen dynamic women honored. For more than 30 years phenomenal women from Erie County have been recognized each year. Sister Phyllis is now counted among them because she, too, has made a difference in the lives of countless people.

For 61 years, Sister Phyllis Schleicher has been a professed member of the Erie Benedictines. Born an only child in Erie, PA, she was raised by a single mother during war time. From her mother she learned that commitment meant dedication, hard work, and infinite fortitude. Likewise, the sisters who mentored and formed her into the religious woman she is today were also examples of courage and perseverance. “I have been inspired by the strong women in my life who taught me, loved me and showed me how to be faithful and committed by their very example.”

Among her greatest achievements has been the leadership that she has been able to offer as a teacher, administrator, and prioress. As a servant leader she learned to put the needs of others first and worked hard at achieving what was best for the common good. Sister Phyllis explained that she does this with honesty, integrity, commitment, and passion. She attributes her success to her ability to live faithful commitment.

At the present time, Sister Phyllis is Co-Director of Catholic Rural Ministry (CRM) in the Erie Diocese, Potter and McKean Counties, a position in which she has served since 1999. The mission of CRM is to bring "Hope and God’s Compassionate Presence" to all. Her overall goal for the future is to simply be of service for as long as she can. She strives to be present to the moment, do the work at hand, embrace the challenges that come, and be grateful for the blessings.