Connecting Hands Christmas Sale benefits Sister Gus’ Kids Cafe

Breakable Christmas ornaments, fragile China plates, ceramic Nativity sets, and enthusiastic children at Sister Gus’ Kids Cafe… sounds like a dangerous situation! Luckily, they weren’t all in the same place at the same time. The children of the Kids Cafe did, however, greatly benefit from the sales of these items, and many more, at the Connecting Hands’ annual Christmas Sale.

This year, the benefits of the holiday garage sale – $6000 – went to support the children at the Kids Cafe.

This is the first time Connecting Hands had a sale for the Kids Cafe. Connecting Hands is “a group of volunteers who join together with local nonprofits to offer support through fundraising” by collecting donations and organizing high-end secondhand sales at the Connecto Electric building.

“Our relationship with Connecting Hands began by chance,” said Stephanie Grear, coordinator of the Kids Cafe. “I was looking for a couch for the Kids Cafe because ours started to really wear down. Someone put me in contact with Pam Will, a coordinator at Connecting Hands, and we got to talking about what we need and what they have. Not only did she donate a great teal couch for the children, but she also suggested their Christmas sale could be for the Kids Cafe.”

Connecting Hands’ fundraising includes seasonal sales with the profits being donated to a different local charity each time. Their Christmas sale is always the biggest of the year.

“This was more than just a Christmas sale,” said Stephanie. “The volunteers at Connecting Hands recognize that we have a need and they are looking out for us.”

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Pictured: Volunteers of Connecting Hands