Easter Preparations at the Soup Kitchen

Holy Thursday at the soup kitchen has always been celebrated as the great feast that Jesus intended when, during his last supper with his followers, he broke bread and told them to love one another as he loved them. Not only are guests treated to a special five-star meal but they also receive early Easter gifts.

"Receiving Easter candy can bring back positive memories of when one was young," said Sister Rosanne Lindal-Hynes, the women's advocate at Emmaus Ministries. "We have a group of volunteers that each year put together a bag of traditional Easter candy."

Adult guests eating at the soup kitchen on the traditional Holy Thursday Easter celebration meal will these receive bags of Easter candy filled with Peeps, jelly beans, gummy bears, foil eggs, and more. The candy was donated by Romolo Chocolate in Erie.

Each child in attendance will receive a special Easter basket filled with candy and toys. These beautiful baskets were donated by the Beta Sigma Phi Alpha Eta Master Chapter in Erie.

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