Edible Beauty

Beauty is brought into the Emmaus Soup Kitchen in many different ways. The most recent is artistically designed cookies.

“I call the cookies I make ‘Kid Cookies’ because I know the children will enjoy the different designs,” said Joe Orinko, a member of St. Jude Church who bakes cookies with all sorts of special designs each month for the Emmaus Soup Kitchen guests. This month, he made cookies that looked like KFC chicken legs.

Joe sees his cookie making as a hobby. “It takes about 10-15 minutes to design each cookie. And typically I have to let the first coat of frosting dry overnight. But I’m retired and making cookies like this is fun for me to do. It’s an artistic practice for me.”

An artistic practice that always ends with destruction of the art piece – a crumbled cookie in an Emmaus child’s stomach!

But even more than he is a good baker, Joe is humble and appreciative that his cookie making is only a small part of what Emmaus needs. “I think my cookies taste okay,” he said, “but nothing can beat a good chocolate chip cookie or great brownie! And it’s wonderful that so many volunteers are always baking to bring the Emmaus guests these delicious desserts. I’m happy to be a part of the baked goods contributions.”

Photo: Joe Orinko's Designer Cookies

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