Emmaus and Mercyhurst University

For the second semester in a row, Emmaus volunteer Cindy Liotta and staff member Breanna Mekuly presented students at Mercyhurst University with an opportunity to learn more about Emmaus Ministries.

Cindy and Breanna were guest speakers in two sessions of Dr. Mary Hembrow-Snyder’s “Exploring Catholicism” course. Their presentation entitled “Feeding the Hungry: Graces and Challenges,” explores the ins and outs of Emmaus: who we are, what we believe in, who we serve, and why we serve. Cindy and Breanna then address common myths around the topics of poverty, such as “All poor people are lazy” and “Food stamps are enough.”

“The students seemed to get a lot out of the discussion about the myths of poverty,” Breanna said. “One student talked about growing up in a very impoverished area and shared with the class that most of the people in her neighborhood were not lazy but actually working multiple jobs to make ends meet. I think that statement shocked some of her peers.”

After one class, a different student was so moved by the information presented that she came up and asked how she could be involved. She’s now planning to volunteer at Emmaus on Saturdays with Mercyhurst campus ministry.

Pictured: Emmaus volunteer Cindy Liotta, staff member Breanna Mekuly, and a young guest of the soup kitchen.

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