Emmaus benefits from Harley-Davidson

Motorcycles, fashion shows, and Emmaus: what do they have in common? This year, they unified in one event, the Spring Open House at the Harley-Davidson of Erie on April 29th.

The Open House featured a biker fashion show, in which springtime rider gear was highlighted. In exchange for “biker cash,” or a 20% off coupon, customers were encouraged to bring in a food donation for Emmaus Ministries.

“A few customers came in to the store during the Open House and didn’t know about our special event,” said Kelly Tombaugh, the fashion show organizer and donation collector. “So we told them we were collecting food donations for Emmaus – and many of them went out to the grocery store and brought food items back for us!”

Pictured: Laurie Thompson, General Manager; Kelly Tombaugh, Motor Clothes Manager; Melissa Wells, receptionist; and Sister Karen Oprenchok, Emmaus Ministries staff member

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