Emmaus Ministries Receives CROP Walk Grant

The CROP Hunger Walk continued its gospel outreach to feed the hungry by presenting local food organizations, including Emmaus Ministries, with grants from last year’s annual fundraising walk.

The CROP (Christian Rural Overseas Program) Walk to end hunger is held every September at Presque isle, and Emmaus is one of the groups that participates. Soup kitchen volunteers Barb Roseborough and Sheila Causgrove organize the Emmaus team along with staff member Rita Scrimenti. Rita said: “Emmaus has been taking part in the CROP Walk for many years. We are grateful for the support and participation of our volunteers, as well as the relationships we have built through the organization. We look forward to participating this year, however that transpires.”

Although the hope is to have the walk at Presque Isle on September 27th as planned, adjustments will be made as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to unfold.

As part of Church World Service, a global organization that works to build “a world where there is enough for all,” the CROP Walk event has been held in many communities, large and small, across the country for the past four decades. Beginning as a way for local farmers to donate crops to neighbors in need, the event has grown into a program that has raised millions of dollars.

Jim Haas, the local coordinator for Erie’s event, said in a letter, “You folks are truly on the front lines and we consider it a privilege to support you in even a small way.”

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Photo: Staff member Rita Scrimenti holds CROP Walk grant